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If you have questions, email me at or message me on Linkedin once you have watched the info video above. I'm super accessible, real and answer questions in detail if you are serious. Let's Talk :)

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Who is Justin Temple?  

I am an entrepreneur of 6 years and a certified social media marketing expert and internet marketer.

Hobbies include Hung Fa Yi, Blogging, Snowboarding, Cooking and Guitar.

My life long passion is to find better ways to make money online and help people, step by step, achieve their own version of success.

My total focus is to help people just like you, visiting this page on a daily basis, set up their own altcoin trading robot so that you can earn a passive income, while you enjoy life or focus on another business idea.

The Vision

My vision is to help 100 people in the year of 2018 set up a successful passive income, to live a lifestyle of complete design.

So that you can live life on your own terms, while you do what you are passionate about.

I believe that when people are able to live their passions and enjoy life, the world becomes a better place to live for us, and the next generation. Their are many precious gems worthy of protecting. Your dream is one of them.

The future matters.

You matter!

Let's grow and break the chains of average together.

Are you ready?

The Team

I am not alone.

One of the most important principles of success is to find a mastermind. We got that covered in spades with multiple Crypto-Millionaire Mentors to talk to within the team.

Get Access to our private VIP Facebook group where you can get consistent support and mentoring.

The Process You Will Experience From Here On...

First, you watch the video above, make a decision to get started, and click the green button to begin working with me.

On the next page you will see the application form and have step by step instructions.

Once you have completed the instructions on the next page, you will get a log in email from the company.

You will also get an email from me personally, giving you access to our private Facebook mastermind, and your next set of instructions.

From there you will set up your bot in a matter of about 10-20 minutes.

Congratulations! You now have a running altcoin trading bot makng profitable trades for you.

You can then decide to share this awesome bitcoin trading robot with your friends.

Ready to get started?


Is this software easy to use?

Yes, indeed very easy, the Bot software is one of its kind in the market and it was developed for everyone interest in profiting from trading in a more secure and easy way. All you have to do is buy the software and connected to (Bittrex, Bitfinex and many more) with the API keys. Once your Bot is activated it trades 24/7 365 days for you.

Will more exchanges be supported?  

Yes, we constantly evaluate the major exchanges (and some others) in order to ensure that tis Bot will work with these exchanges. If we get a large number of requests and we notice that a new exchange has an open API and volume, we will do our best to support it.  

What should I expect as profit?  

Depending on the time frame and what your bot is looking for you could make a lot, or lose some. This is after all a free market and not a bank. There are large unknowns when dealing with markets, any number of influences can trigger a rise or fall. Most bots will be a better strategy than a buy and hold method and as long as you believe your choice of altcoin will go up, then you will likely make a profit. Sometimes a bot is used to help reduce lost, not just make profit. If a bot is not preforming the way you think you can always change bots or pause the bot and make a manual trade and then turn the bot back on when it is in sync with your choice.  

Why use a bot at all?  

There are many reasons why you would use a bot. Maybe you are an inexperienced trader and are looking for a way to get into trading, maybe you want someone watching over your account while you are away or asleep, maybe you don't need the stress of staring at monitors all day and want a rational less emotional way of trading. Why doesn't my bot buy/sell at the lowest/highest? Most importantly the bots are not always checking to buy or sell, they have a period of time where they wait and it is likely that which ever peak or valley doesn't happen right when the bot checks. Plus, even if it was the highest or lowest how would the bot know? All bots are looking for specific conditions to trade on and in most cases it will execute after it the high or low.  

Do I have to restart my robots each time that it makes a trade?  

No, as long as the credit in your exchanges is over 0.01 BTC plus fees, the robots will automatically open a new trade after closing other one. The process is totally automated.  

How do I pay my 20% profit and calculate how much I have to pay?  

If you have made a profit through our software you will need to pay 20% of your profits weekly. In order to see if you owe anything please go to the Back Office and select the 'Matrix Earnings' tab. It will tell you what your profits were for that week and how much you owe, and offer you the choice to pay in BTC, LTC or PVP. You will have one week to pay your 20% before we place a temporary block on your account until it is paid. Note, if the earnings are less than 10$ that week you won’t need to pay that commission.  

How do the bots work?

Each bot has a set of indicators and parameters that when all align will make a buy or sell, telling the exchange of your choice to execute a trade. Most of the time a bot is tuned for a specific market and time period, this is the developer’s best educated guess on how the market will work in the future. It is not a magic crystal ball that will make perfect trades every time. Obviously nothing can predict the market 100%. However the trades are designed to sell any particular trade in the profit zone.

Is this software risk free?

No, of course not. First, you are speculating on one or more cryptocurrencies, which are highly volatile and speculative markets. There is an inherent risk in speculating cryptocurrencies, which may collapse at any moment due to any possible reason. This software is designed to automate different types of trading strategies, but it is up to you, how you want to automate your trading strategies. We are not liable for how you use our product, but our software is merely a tool for which you can automate your cryptocurrency trades. It is also up to you on implementing security measures and keep your Bot login information secure and such as enabling firewalls, ensuring the operating system is not compromised, writing down your secret codes on a piece of paper and locking it up etc. But do note that our software does not possess the ability to withdraw or deposit coins, so the risk of a compromised operating system would be interfering with the trade signals. By using our software, you acknowledge that you are taking full responsibility for how you utilize the Bot.  

Can I get rich with this automated trading bot?

It is possible that you may trade profitably, but to say that you can get rich is something we will never state. Our software allows you to automate cryptocurrency trading strategies, which are primarily based on technical analysis indicators. It is possible that you can generate profits from using our software, but it is entirely up to how you use it. Think of the Bot as a tool and what you make using the tool is entirely up to you.  

Does this software really work?

Yes, this software really does work, in that it will trade based on technical analysis indicators and that all of the different features and bot types do work. This Bot is not a 1 click profit solution and you must understand the basics of technical market analysis in order to utilize this Bot. Both in a way that can be rewarding. Keep in mind that the software is designed and developed with then best technology and trading signals but it does not control the market.  

Which operation system do I need to have?

This Bot is on the most advance software it the market that supports any operating system; Mac, Windows, Linux etc. This Bot can be configured and connected with (Bittrex,Bitfinex,Hitbtc,Okex) trading platform, which can be accessible from any device that has access to an internet browser (Google Chrome , Safari ,Internet Explorer,etc).

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. A user has three business days after the purchase to cancel the order and receive a full refund (Alaska residents have five days), unless required by law.

Have Questions? Email me at

Today almost everyone has access to the Internet and uses it on a daily basis. In the early years of the Internet everyone had heard of "the network", but most people hesitated to use it until it became something of everyday use.

This is exactly what happens today with Bitcoin. We are in the beginning of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. A new concept of digital coins, smart digital contracts and more.

This technology has the power to transform the way we do business, storing records, guaranteeing the value of the transfer, providing levels of security never seen before in the world of finance and giving us the possibility to aspire to a number of new Uses that we have not yet imagined.

This software is a private crypto trading club available for those who want to start benefiting from our tools and platform with any of the memberships available. This BOT connects with one of the user’s trading exchange and will use the own members' bitcoins to conduct crypto-currency trading without giving to anybody.

We understand that for many people to be introduced to the new financial technologies can be a real challenge, that's why we have opted for a simple and affordable development so that anyone can join us and start making profits.

We are a pioneering club in the fusion of digital capitalization models under a programme whose priority is to be sustainable and profitable for all its members. 

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