7 Silly (but true) Reasons 99% of Traders Fail Before They Even Get Started...

Do You Have a Step by Step Trading Strategy That Works?

What Is Free Crypto University?

FCU (Free Crypto University) is a unique and practical day trading method that focuses on being able to read the market and understand the nature of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency patterns as a whole.

Being able to understand the nate of Bitcoin while practicing patience is what it's all about.

The FCU trading approach allows you to trade, without chasing and researching thousands of "the best" indicators and settings online.

We believe in keeping things simple and effective.

9 Benefits of FCU

  • No experience or tech skills required to start.
  • Trade part-time, full-time or in your spare time successfully.
  • Manage your trading day so you don't forget about your spouse.
  • How to buy large amounts of Bitcoin, avoiding Coinbase limits and repeat fees.
  • Works with any altcoin or exchange of your choice.
  • Trade with any amount of starting capital available..
  • All tools and training are 100% free.
  • Principle based trading strategies adaptable to the market.
  • Minimize trading risk as a beginner and maximize profits as an expert.

[Note: We never hold your Bitcoin, ask for Bitcoin, nor do we payout cryptocurrency or fiat currency of any kind. You are simply learning how to control your own money and profit from rising and falling markets. Buy low, sell high. Everything is always in your control 100% of the time.]

"What do you need to trade?"

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Charting Platform (training provided)
  • Broker (broker provided)
  • Trading Strategy (training provided)
  • Easy Market To Learn (training provided)

"Who is FCU For?"

Anyone wanting to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, or improve their existing trading skills.

As long as you are willing to treat Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading seriously and develope your skills for 30 minutes a day... you will become better than 99% of traders out there, after 1-2 years of studying and building experience.

"What if I'm New to Trading?"

Many people start trading bitcoin and other currencies while working a job.

Others are already day traders or sucessful entrepreneurs wanting to explore the benefits of Bitcoin.

For those of you working a 9-5, our goal is to help you save money at the end of the week or month, and increase that capital at least 10-30% over the next year. (If you save your money in a bank, you are earning 0.01% yearly)

Do you see how much money you're potentially leaving on the table, by not taking control of your own investments?

Imagine for every $100 you saved (or made), you could turn that $100 into $110-$130 by the years end WITHOUT any stress or headache... and with only a few clicks.

(Often times the returns on trades are much faster and can be repeated week after week as the market fluctuates at a healthy rate.)

Then the profits you make are reinvested over and over, allowing you to make higher profits sooner.

All of a sudden a $10/hour job just turned into an exciting (yet realistic) race to wealth.

Pretty cool, right?

Obviously, no one can ever guarantee results or income, but those are the core principles you will be applying if you are completely new.

"What if I'm an Experienced Trader?"

For those of you already experienced, FCU offers a unique and dynamic principle based approach to read the market. This will benefit you by being able to sell on the peaks, maximizing your profits.  

Our approach works for all different types of altcoins and is addaptable to your current trading style and skills.

Also, if you are experienced and would like to offer valuable training, FCU is happy and open to other knowledgable traders wanting to guide others.

What are you waiting for?